Hey there, I’m Amy!

And here is my story

Hey there, I’m Amy!

And here is my story

coaching has transformed my life

Now when I look back at my story, I have always wanted to help people. Even in high school I was the friend who would joke “step into my office” and listen to everyone’s problems.  So it was really no surprise that I ended up having a 20 year career in counseling and education.

I was smart and successful-I earned a master’s degree, I was well respected–but honestly, it was so hard to keep myself organized. My house looked like a bomb went off and the office manager had to constantly remind me to grab my keys and purse. I was constantly procrastinating and couldn’t understand why I was so smart yet so spacey.

And then my world crashed-in just a few short years I went through more than I ever thought I could bear.  I had Cancer. My parents died. I got Divorced.

When too much in my life happened, my spaciness went from fun little personality quirk to huge liability.  

I’m so grateful a colleague suggested I was a member of the ADHD tribe just like him.  

When I got diagnosed suddenly EVERYTHING clicked into place. Oh so that is why I waited to the last minute. This is why I got so overwhelmed with big projects back in school.  

And yet- even though my meds were a life saver I still had my butt firmly planted on the struggle bus.

I struggled at my job. I struggled in my relationships.  I still had big dreams that were going nowhere. I felt so much embarrassment and shame that I was in this position.

And then I found coaching.  Finally I had concrete tools that I was able to use that were SO effective in helping me manage my ADHD. I got more organized and I understood so much more about how to take action and finish what I started.  My coaching toolbox was jam packed with techniques and it was working just as well if not better than my counseling toolbox.

I couldn’t wait to try this out with other people who had ADHD or worried they might be to see if it worked for them and it did! I look back at how far I have come, and how much coaching is helping my clients and it is about the most exciting thing ever.

I knew it was time to go out on my own and I’m now doing the work that I have longed to be doing the way I have wanted to do my entire life.


I can’t recommend her highly enough!

“Coaching with Amy always has me feeling better and more sure of myself. I really appreciate how reliable, supportive and positive she is. She gives me practical tools to use and helps me reframe situations and shift my own perspective just enough to see things in a different way. Her warmth, humor and empathy shine through and I’m able to make progress on goals and creatively approach problems from a different standpoint. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

~ Melissa M.

Amy Is my Go-To Listener

“Amy is my go-to listener. She has a calming yet humorous way of getting me to take a minute to think of what is happening and why. I can come to her feeling out of control and by the end of our conversation not only am I feeling I can handle what is going on (it’s really not a mountain) but she adds a little humor that for me is so needed.”

~ Pati R.

At the end of the day, I know that people with ADHD or worry that they might be are some of the most intelligent, creative, caring people I have ever met.

They just need some help getting their brain on track. It is an honor to use my experience and my tools to help them hack their brain and show them how to turn their biggest struggles into their biggest superpower.